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Endless Sun Produce is a hydroponic urban farm that grows and sells produce in Raleigh, NC. We strive to provide Raleigh restaurants and consumers with the tastiest, freshest, and healthiest produce all year long. Every aspect of our growing process is done to accomplish this goal.

Our responsibility to our customers is not our only one. As farmers, we consider ourselves stewards of the land we grow on. Because of this, sustainability and resource conservation are main tenets of our farm philosophy. Read more about our environmentally sustainable practices under the How We Grow tab.

Founded by North Carolina State University alumni and Raleigh-natives Chase Werner and Matt Spitzer, ESP is their passionate contribution to developing and maintaining a robust local food system to meet the needs of Raleigh’s growing urban community.

What We Grow

All of our produce is sold with the roots attached so it stays fresher for longer. Our produce often gets into your hands the day we harvest.

Butter/Bibb Lettuce

This tender yet hearty lettuce has a slightly sweet, buttery flavor that is perfect for any salad, sandwich, or wrap. It is tastier, healthier and packed with far more vitamins than traditional iceberg. Green and red varieties available.

Oak Leaf Lettuce

Available in a medium green color and beautiful triple red color, this finely lobed leaf lettuce adds great color and taste to a salad mix.

Sweet Crisp Lettuce

Available in green and red varieties, this leaf lettuce has an exceptionally sweet flavor and adds a great texture to any salad mix.

Lollo Leaf Lettuce

A great leaf lettuce, available in green or red, adds texture and and structure to a salad mix.

How We Grow

 How We Grow

Endless Sun Produce seeks to be part of the solution to the highly unsustainable, unsafe and inefficient industrial food system. Providing an alternative to mass-production farming, ESP utilizes a hydroponic growing technique in conjunction with Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), enabling consistent yields 52 weeks a year grown in the same city where it is consumed.

Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants with nutrient-enriched water without soil. Our growing methods use 60 to 80 percent less water and nutrients than traditional farming. Also because of this technology we are able to grow the same amount of produce as other traditional soil based farms that are 5 times the size. Due to the fact that our system is a recirculating hydroponic system, we are able to eliminate fertilizer runoff  entirely.

We strive to create a highly sustainable food production system that produces the most nutritious produce possible and do so in a way the preserves our planets resources for future generations.

Where to Buy

We sell our produce right where we grow it, at Raleigh City Farm. We sell over 7 different varieties of lettuce. Come by the greenhouse during the days and times below, we’ll harvest the lettuce while you watch! As fresh as it gets!

Tuesday 8am-12pm

Wednesday 3pm-5pm

Thursday 8am-12pm

 If you are a chef or produce distributor interested in bulk purchasing, send an email to chase@endlesssunproduce.com for available quantities and pricing.

 Where to Buy



Is produce from Endless Sun farms organic?

Endless Sun Produce is not currently certified organic. We are hoping to become certified by the end of 2014. While not officially certified yet, we spray no pesticides, herbicides, or any other harsh chemicals on our produce.

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method for growing plants in a mineral nutrient enriched water without the use of soil. In traditional farming, soil provides the reservoir to hold the nutrients and water but is not essential  in plant development. When the mineral nutrients dissolve in the water within the soil the roots are able to uptake them.

How are you able to grow produce in Raleigh year-round?

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) – CEA is defined as an integrated science and engineering based approach to provide specific environments for plant productivity while optimizing resources including water, energy, space, capital and labor.  Used correctly this type of agriculture has the potential to be highly productive and more environmentally friendly than growing outdoors.

Since the roots are attached, can I plant your living produce?

Our plants are not intended for replanting but have the roots left on to extend the life of the produce for you. We do not recommend replanting because the plants have grown entirely in water and it will shock the plant quite a bit, but some have tried and been successful.

How should I store your produce?

Lettuce should be stored in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator to maximize shelf life.


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